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What makes a great live 80s music tribute OR a great well rounded cover band that plays all genres? It seems many bands think there's nothing more to it than putting on sunglasses wigs and cheap costumes followed by half heartedly performing to pre-recorded karaoke backing tracks. This is a disturbing trend that many so called "bands" are using, attempting to fool clients into thinking they are performing these songs entirely on their own.

Where's the talent and respect to deliver a great live musical performance gone? Refreshingly, the Radio Rebels offer the real deal . We have a direct connection to the 80s era and the artists. Our band members have toured for such prominent 80s artists as Brian Setzer, Berlin,  Rick James, Teena Marie, Taylor Dayne and many more.

We know 80s!...and yes, the Radio Rebels play completely live... rehearsed professionals who love their job and perform consistently and confidently together. Radio Rebel's clients include Fortune 500 companies and entertainment celebrities while remaining affordable and appealing to all demographics and ages. A band of talented professionals, the Radio Rebels respectfully take the time to do the homework and re-create faithfully, live, all the hit songs that make an event so memorable for your special guests. Beware of amateur musicians claiming to be professionals while hiding behind pre-recorded karaoke backing tracks.

It's a simple question..

Is the band on stage playing the song live or following a pre-recorded track ?

The Grammys finally put their foot down on lip-syncing, shouldn't you? Make sure you're really getting a certified live band ...Ask if the band you're considering for your next event uses pre-recorded tracks? they have a real keyboard player on stage with them? Can they even play their instruments?  Would they be able to take song requests on the spot? 

******Or is the majority of their sound coming from generic $.99 cent pre-recorded backing tracks they bought online so they can put in less work, hire less musicians (to save money) and fool you!

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