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The Radio Rebels played at our “Dinner Dance and Auction” and they had everyone up on their feet all night long! It was one of those nights when shoes start coming off because your feet are hurting from dancing so much. We were dancing and singing to all of our favorite tunes and I couldn’t recommend this band enough! 

Their lead singers, do an amazing job singing 70’s and 80’s cover songs plus adding in touches of some of the best rock that we all remember and love.  A DJ could never compare to having such an amazing “Live” band! Their voices are amazing… you almost feel like you’re dancing at a concert!  

​Take our advice and book Radio Rebels for your function – they are FUN, professional, great musicians and have a sound that’ll “totally” knock your socks won’t be disappointed!!!’’

- ROBIN LOMAS , ST. Lawrence mariners fundraiser

The Radio Rebels played our wedding in Phoenix and let me tell you a few things about them. They showed up and delivered a show nothing less than spectacular. There is a saying, "there is something for everybody" well the Radio Rebels played "EVERYTHING FOR EVERYBODY" The energy from song one was a 10 and by the end of the evening they hit an 11!

The band captured every guest attended. From the youngsters to the elders, we were all out there dancing the entire evening! Grins, ear to ear, jaws dropped, tears and laughter all on the dance floor because the Radio Rebels nailed it! Each song got better and better. We didn't need a bar or tables to converse at because we all communicated on the dance floor through dance.

The Radio Rebels created magic amongst us. The entire evening was a blast! Another thing, there was no more available space on the dance floor because everyone and I mean everyone was out there boogieing the entire evening. I've seen a lot of bands out there and never have I seen a band captivate a crowd throughout an entire evening. One of the best things we did at our wedding was hire the Radio Rebels.

Been to a lot of weddings, seen a lot of bands in my time but never encountered a performance where the guests shook rattled and rolled the entire evening. To this day we are told we had the wedding of the century…great place, great people, and great band! The Radio Rebels delivered and it was mind blowing! You think we are overdoing it? look at the pictures! Love is in the air the entire evening! Thank you Radio Rebels, Thank you!

- Mette and Charley Pope


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Thank you so much for an AMAZING performance on Sunday! I honestly felt like that was the BEST wedding ever!!! EVERYBODY I see or talk to is saying the same thing and they all say how GREAT the music was! 

Music is so important & it can make or break an event, which is why I wanted to personally thank you AGAIN for working with us and doing an amazing job!!  Well worth the money spent!!  Thank you again!!

la's # 1 all live 80's tribute band!